"Will make my grandchildren take these courses for future jobs" - Confined Space Student

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Trades Centre

Supporting trades through the Introduction to Trades (ITT) 7 week program to help explore and identify your trades pathway.  ITT focuses on Electrical, Welding, Pipe-fitting, Plumbing and Carpentry.  



CORPORATE TRAINING ON-DEMAND:  Our courses can happen at our campus location in Kitimat or at your site/office location. 

Our instructor qualifications and background allows for multiple work place topics to be delivered to industry safety standards.


The Eagle Wing Centre allows specialized training such as Scaffolding Level 1 and 2.  This structure is 22' tall and is a great way to bring training to Kitimat and our campus.  BC Regional Council of Carpenters utilized our facility for this training.

Service Guarantee

We are committed to running our scheduled classes to meet the need of our students, clients and community.  We will minimize disruption and do everything we can to make your learning experience matter.  This is our service guarantee.